Transportation and Food Services


All SAS students are eligible for school bus and/or metro-rail transportation if the distance between the home and the assigned SAS campus exceeds two miles and the student resides within a designated area for that particular SAS campus (see “Admissions” tab and “Application Process” for more detailed information). Students who live south of SW 152 Street or north of SW 8 Street may not be eligible for transportation to the Kendall Campus. Special provisions are made for Special Education students. Those students who choose to drive themselves to campus may purchase a MDC student parking decal from the college.

If you have questions about your particular transportation availability, contact your assigned campus.

Food Services

All SAS Campuses receive daily deliveries of both breakfast and lunch from MDCPS Department of Food and Nutrition. In addition, all Miami Dade College Campuses have on-site facilities from which students may purchase food.

Income Survey

Paypam (for those parents wishing to prepay for lunches)