AP Central

AP Central, a site maintained by The College Board, offers students valuable information about all aspects of the Advanced Placement Program.

Under the Courses & Exams tab, students will find an overview of the course, a topic outline, an explanation of the exam format, sample questions and scoring, records of grade distribution, and links to additional web resources.

When accessing the Preparing tab, students will find study skills and test taking tips specific to their courses of study. They may see free-response questions from prior exams with appropriate answers and scoring rubrics. An explanation of the scoring methods helps students realize the most efficient means of organizing their time during tests.

Suggestions for Exam Day materials and expectations help alleviate the stress inherent in all testing situations.

The AP Credit Policy Info tool allows students to see the specific college credit policy regarding AP test scores for all colleges and universities in which they have an interest.

All students are encouraged to take the time to closely examine the resources available to them at AP Central.